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Máy phun rửa áp lực cao HIGH-PRESSURE CLEANER HDR 160 COMPACT hãng WURTH

Thương hiệu: WURTH
Mã SP: 07011610
25,000,000₫ 27,500,000₫
Máy phun rửa áp lực cao hãng WURTH CHLB ĐỨC là dòng sản phẩm chất lượng cao, sản xuất tại châu Âu. Đầu vòi phun có chế độ 3 tia: Tia thẳng, tia bẹp, phun dung dịch.
Hotline hỗ trợ 24/7: 02462737800 | 0989762580 | 0869125386
Số lượng
Compact cold water high-pressure washer for medium-duty cleaning jobs.

Ideal for mobile use

Compact design and adjustable aluminium push handle.

Long service life and reduced consumption

If work is interrupted, the automatic pressure cut-out switches the device off immediately. Relieving the pressure on the components prolongs the service life of the pump and reduces energy and water consumption.

Fast, simple changes and dosing of the cleaning agent

The required concentration can be set using the dosing valve. The integral suction hose for cleaning agent fits into any container.

Comfortable, low-fatigue work

Ergonomic manual spray gun with reduced retention and pulling force.

Easy to store

Practical accessory holder and electrical cable winding mechanism.


For use with cleaning agents, observe the following steps:

  • Pull out the suction hose for the cleaning agent.
  • Hook the cleaning agent suction hose into a container of cleaning agent.
  • Set the triple nozzle to "CHEM".
  • Set the cleaning agent metering valve to the required concentration.

2 Years WÜRTH MASTERPLUS Warranty for wear damage

The current WÜRTH MASTERPLUS warranty conditions must be observed.

3 Years Warranty on manufacturing and material defects

Excluded are damages caused by improper use, overloading or failure to observe the operating instructions.

Nominal voltage

230 V/AC

Power input

2.3 kW

Max. pressure

160 bar

Working pressure

130 bar

Min./max. feed quantity

0-480 l/h

Max. inlet temperature

60 °C

Hose length

10 m


230 mm


375 mm


925 mm

Weight of machine

26.1 kg

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